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Re: A6: The Next Generation

James A. Zwahlen wrote:
> AutoWeek, Nov. 18, 1996, has a spy photo of the next A6.  Supposedly it will be
> introduced in March at the Geneva Auto show.
> My first impression is lukewarm.  Surely this is an early prototype.  In the
> 'computer-enhanced' photo the body lower, wider, longer, and more sleek than the current
> A6;  The rear quarter panel is more reminisent of the last generation 5000/100
> (1984-1989). There are rear wheel arches, but the length of the rear fender reminds me
> of my '87 5k CS TQ. The whole car appears stretched out.  :)   Appears to have low
> profile tires, 17 or 18" wheels.  So far so good.
> What strikes me negatively is the old style 'grab-handle' door handles.  And the absence
> of the C-pillar window--you, know the triangle window behind the rear door window.
> Instead the C-pillar is solid and filled in--kinda like a big kciub.  The door trim and
> window trim looks clunky too, surely not production stuff.
> I'm interested in other reader's reactions

I think that even though it was computer enhanced, it was still heavily
A very promising start for the next A6.  I can't wait to see more
advanced prototypes, because I think this will be the best midsize Audi
since the 5000/100/200 body style.  The current A6 is ok, but frumpy and
I see some nice lines in the prototype.

Hey, I wonder if what Jeff has on his page is one of these?  it looks
similar...I know it could be a passat, but who knows?

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri