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Re: (Fwd) Re: Snow Tires Prices (and you thought it had died..)

Just wanted to let everyone know that sometime tommorow I will go and purchase
the snowtires for both the A6q and the VW golf. Both cars will get Nokkia Hep
10s. They will be shipped home for installation on the cars.

Price for the A6: ~$400
            golf: ~$280

I'm going to drive to the shop and see if I can get him to come down a bit
because he isn't going to install them AND because I'm buying eight at once. 
I had the feeling that he would drop the price a bit more for me when I talked
to him, now it's time to see what I can do. 

Dad said "no-go" to the studs because of the annoying noise and limited
ice-driving that these wheels will endure. Unless of course, I thought that it
would be smarter to get the studs. I'm not sure what to recommend about studs,
but somehow feel that if it's that it isn't worth it for the studs. So, unless
somebody out in Audi land has a differing opionion, that is stronger than my
own.. no studs on the tires.

Also, If anyone is interested I will post a follow-up in a while letting you
know what the impressions are. If anyone can come up with a better deal
(mail-order) or feels that there is a smarter option than these in terms of
price/product.. please e-mail me ASAP. 

I decided not to go with Tire-Rack because they didn't have the Nokkias.
Oh well..  Thanks for the advice folks!
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (148K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY