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Re: Hopped up 4K's

well, i wasn't going to tell all of Alex's secrets!

and as you point out, Ned does have continually changing chips--as one
qlister recently found out when he drove my '91 200q (IA 3, Oct 96) and
compared it to his IA-modded (date?)  '91 200q.  he's got the latest and
greatest now, right Kent?

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At 02:07 PM 11/11/96 -0800, you wrote:
>More than just any old IA chip (as if there was just "any old IA
>chip").  When I spoke to Ned at the NWAQC PIR event, he told me that it
>would have the IA Stage III kit (and a little more!) bringing that
>little 4K on par with the ~400HP in his test mule Beast (TM).
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