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Re: 80Q Moose in the Heater

In response to your questions, if your 80 is like my Coupe:

1) Yes; the fan bearings are shot
2) Considering the trouble to get at the fan, no
3) See (2); don't know if lubing it will cure it (never tried).  Mine had
    a LOT of lateral play, however.
4)  Take out the glovebox; look for the screws around the perimeter 
     behind the glovebox door.  You'll then see the fan mounting on the air
     plenum; unscrew these screws and disconnect the power leads.  Now,
     with a lot of wiggling, prying, and forcing, you should get the old fan
     (there is just a little lack of room between the fan mounting and the

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro
In a message dated 96-11-14 12:33:15 EST, you write:

 Now that the weather has turned cold in the North-East, I want to use
 the heater in my car.  When I turn the fan on, however, it sounds like
 there is a sick moose bellowing in my dash. 

1) Has anyone else encountered this?
2) Is there a quick fix for this? 
3)Can it be fixed by lubricating the fan? 
4)Where is the fan?
 Jeb Soult