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Re: Audi widows


You're simply gonna hafta park your Q some and pay a bit more attention to
the lovely Portia.  She is simply doing too much kvetching (probably well
deserved).  Besides, I have enough aches and pains without someone sticking
pins into my voodoo doll.  :-)

Hmmmm.  Park your Q.  Right.  Isn't that at least part of the reason we keep
this list active?  Because, otherwise, we'd end up with our Qs parked in a
wrench's shop much of the time.

At 07:55 PM 11/14/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>> On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Meron wrote:
>>> > My wife wants to know if the guys on the list have any other life than
>>> > their Q, I do not think they do, what do you think?
>>>Sounds like it's time to send Meron's wife a membership to the Audi
>>widow's club.  Portia, are you still out there spearheading this
>Mrs. Meron, Meron, and Gary:  
>YES, I am still out here.  There is a life beyond Audis, but you have to
>fight them every step of the way.  It's a good thing we had two of our kids
>pre-Audi list!  The third was the result of an obscure Audi god celebratory
>ritual.  (Just kidding!?!)
>The Audi Widow(er)s charge no monetary dues because, honey, we all pay our
>dues every day.  Michael and I plan to be at the NW Quattro Club dinner
>December 7.  I'm considering requesting a separate table for the Widow(er)s
>so we can sit around and gripe while the Audiphiles swap war stories.  ("I
>swear, that bolt was THIS BIG!  I thought I'd NEVER get the darn thing
>off!")  The dinner will also give me the opportunity to put faces to names
>and prepare my voodoo dolls of list members who post messages that interest
>Michael.  You've all been warned!
>Portia Loeks, Audi Widow
>               Michael Loeks
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