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Re: sliding out in my A4Q

Achille Riviello asked:

>As I don't really want to find out the answer to the following question
>personally, maybe you people can help me out.  
>The wonderful Quattro system virtually eliminates torque-steer and makes
>corners a breeze to take at twice normal speeds.  However, that severe
>torque-steer feeling sometimes helps one to know when the car is about to
>slip right out of the corner.  With the Audi Q's, is there much warning in
>the feel of the car, or does it just come right up to the limit and ...whoa
>I'm in a ditch.... ? 

No, unlike wmB at al, the Q gives you a very distinctive and progressive warning 
and is very easily correctable (provided, you have the good tires). I suggest you 
go on one of the Q club track events. It is the only safe way to explore your 
car's behaviour at the limit. You would be AMAZED how much further that limit 
actually is from where you expected it to be on a Q.