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Re: clicking speedo

Don't know about your 5k, but my '87 4kq has the same problem.  Head was 
repalced under warranty at just under 50,000 miles.  On my car it is a 
cold weather related problem.  Once the outside temp gets around 20 F or 
so it just chaters like crazy.  Weather gets warm--it goes away.  
Replaced cable, graphited(is that a word?) everything in sight, etc.; it 
still sings ot me.

At 160,000 miles on the car I'm just going to live with it.  esides, the 
new noise in cold temps is so loud that I cnanot hear the speedo 
anymore.  We have had a week of cold weather here just north of Chicago 
with temps dipping into the teens in the morning.  when cold I'm getting 
a real screeching noise from somewhere in the chassis or running gear.  
Definitely not coming form the engine compartments.  All CV boots are 
intact and CV joints appear to be operating normally.  Depdning on speed 
and throttle position I can make it create all sorts of wild sounds.

Bill Murin