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RE: JS Specifications?

Sorry Bruce - I forgot all about it.

After checking through various Haynes, Audi and other manuals, it turns 
 out that the JS was used between 83 and 89 in Audi 80s, 90s and maybe 
 the Coupe.

It's only a 2 litre, not the 2226 as I thought, - that's the KV.

Here are some UK engine specs:

Years	80-83	83-89	?-?	82-83	84-89
CC	1921	1994	2144	2144	2226
Bore	79.5	81	79.5	79.5	81
Stroke	77.4	77.4	86.4	86.4	86.4
CR	10:1	10:1	8:1	9.3:1	10:1
BHP	115	115	?	136	136	

The WN was used in the first 5 cylinder Audi80s.
The JS was used in the 2 litre Audi90s.
I don't know the application for the WE.
The KK was used in the 2.2 (they are always called this even in the 
 Audi literature though they are closer to 2.1) 80q and the Coupe q and 
 maybe the Coupe.
The KV was used in the 2.3 (ditto) 90q, Coupe and Coupe q.

The SK (? - ?) is similar mechanically to the JS (I don't know its 
The KE (81-84) is similar mechanically to the KK (I don't know its 

These cars all produce more power than their American counterparts 
 because they don't have cats.  Cats were introduced as standard on 
 Audis in the UK in 1988.

I haven't included any info on the turbo models or those used in the 
 100/200/5k series.

If you have any questions, please ask.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant