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JS Specifications?

In message <"<EF448C3281552D79>EF448C3281552D79@wtn2.bbc"@-SMF-> ph%wn.bbc@nr-comms.radio.bbc.co.uk (Heneghan,Paul) writes:

> After checking through various Haynes, Audi and other manuals, it turns 
>  out that the JS was used between 83 and 89 in Audi 80s, 90s and maybe 
>  the Coupe.
> It's only a 2 litre, not the 2226 as I thought, - that's the KV.

I bought one on Monday this week, from John Coughtrie.  He fitted the 
mechanicals of a 1985 Coupe GT 5E into a 1983 body shell.  The agglomeration 
has now done 250k+ miles and he no longer needs it - he has a company Mondeo 
for drudgery and a beautifully restored 1983 ur-quattro for fun.  

GBP700 for a car rebuilt by hand five years ago doesn't seem bad.  It looks 
like new from underneath (the only view that counts, IMO.)  It also has a 
current MOT certificate.  

Fun buying a car from a fellow QOC member.  "I lost the service booklet.
Here's ten years of receipted bills, MOT certificates, insurance forms,
the parts microfiche, ..."

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club