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BMW List: Satch Carlson

I joined the BMW CCA to get more track time at NHIS, and as an added
bonus I get an excellent magazine, the Roundel. In it, Satch Carlson
has a column. I don't know how many of you remember Satch from when
he used to write for Autoweek (when the boy-Levy was editor), but
I distinctly remember him having many fond words for quattros.

Interested parties can check out:
http://www.trader.com/bmwcca  		for the club's homepage
http://www.alaska.net/~satch  		for Satch's homepage
http://www.wizvax.net/rwelty/bmw/  	to sub$cribe to the BMW List
bmw-digest@mailgate.wizvax.net		to post messages there

And for those on the BMW list who want to listen to lot's of talk
about quattros, and other gibberish:

Satch's November article is an amusing discussion of how he found the
BMW list (which they call the bmw-digest), and a few of the best parts:

"...included the word 'sub$scribe'...then I went on vacation. Let me
tell you about E-mail: It piles up. And piles up and piles up and 
piles up...when I finally attacked the mountain of electronic drift
that now constitutes what we call the In Box. Wherein there are 
exactly 342 messages"

I remember when John Karasaki came back from being off-line
from the quattro list for two weeks he had over 2000 messages!!!
I guess we talk more, either that or Satch goes on short vacations.

"...an awful lot of the bandwidth (whatever the hell that is) seems
to be used up by people getting off the topic of BMW's to complain
about people getting off the topic of BMW's and using up the bandwidth..."

BTW, both Satch, and Rob Siegel, another Roundel columnist, have BMW's
answer for the 4000 quattro, the iX. hmmmmmmm.

Glenn Lawton
1983 ur-quattro
1990 20V Coupe quattro
1986 4000 quattro
1985 MBenz 230TE
no BMWs, but I'd love to have an E36 M3, or even an E30 M3, or tii, or.....

P.S. any BMW lister responses, please post to me directly, thanks.