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97 A4Q 2.8- First Impressions

I just picked up my 97 A4Q 2.8, 5 speed today! Finally. After driving it on
highways and back roads, I have the following comments and questions. Please
excuse the unstructured format of this letter, I'm just pretty excited to
finally have the car after waiting for 2.5 months (I've been borrowing a
Ford F 150 2wd). I hope my first impressions will be found useful for
potential buyers.

It is a beautiful car. I have the Blue Mica Metallic with Ecru leather
interior. Compared to my last car (Mazda MX-6 LS) the dash is higher, so are
the top of the back seats. The quality of the leather is amazing.

The car is extremely quite at high and low speeds. Going 80mph down the
highway, the car was smooth, quiet and it wasn't getting blown all over the
place. At those speeds, you can open the sunroof and you don't get the
deafening wind noise that other cars have. The steering also has a super
solid feel. 

The engine could definitely use a few extra hp, especially in the lower rpm
range. I'm thinking of getting the throttle body modification. Is it wise to
do this after the break-in period? Also, at higher RPMs when I shift, the
RPM needle seem to linger at the top for a second or two before falling,
making quick shifts difficult and rough under hard acceleration. Will this
change after the break-in for any reason?

I don't like the long travel distance of the accelerator. I'm sure I'll get
used to it though.

I love the brakes. They're responsive and powerful. They really stop the car
in emergency situations (or simulated ones at least).

I think I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a Valentine 1 radar/laser
detector. Where is the best place to mount this, on the dash in front of the
steering wheel or clipped to the sun visor?

I had a CD Changer installed. The dealer put the unit right in the middle of
the trunk opening, not to the side. Is this standard? I'm afraid that it's
going to get whacked when I'm loading something bulky into the trunk. By the
way, the non-Bose stereo sounds pretty good, especially at higher volumes.

Did any of you veteran A4 owners change your oil before the 7500 mile mark? 

I haven't had a chance to enjoy the benefits of quattro. I hope we get snow
in Boston soon...