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Re: USA Q-gathering

>I really want t obe part of this.  It is jsut that every spot mentioned so
>far is pretty far east and no matter how much i love to drive, i have a
>couple of reasons that i might not be able to make it.  One is the

---snip happens---

>I am dying to come to this and i am planning on bringing my
>best friend, but lets try to get it to the center of the us at least...

The geographic center of the lower 48 is in eastern Kansas, not far from
Leavenworth.  It's fairly close to Kansas City.  I don't know what track
facilities are available there anymore since I moved away from there in 1959
but KC would be about the most centrally located city of the lower 48.  KC
is a "fur piece from the east coast".  It's also a "fur piece" from the west

Indy would be nice for me since it's fairly close to where I live now but
it's a *looong* way from the west coast.  Pike's Peak would be a nice
location too, but it's getting pretty far west for the east coast types.
Plus, some of us (me) suffer from altitude sickness above about 9,000 feet.

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