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Re: USA Q-meet - vote!!

>1. One event/place or two? (i.e. east/Indy and west/Pike's Peak) One is
>better for turnout so we can meet everyone, but two is probably more
>feasable.  Perhaps we could have two initially and then head toward the
>center of the US together from our respective origins???
>2. Pike's Peak or Indy? (keep in mind that some from the east can hit Indy
>on the way) I have to say Pike's Peak because i doubt that i could get my
>parents to let me go that far on my ownŠ
>3. Preferred month? May, June, July, August (other months accepted also)
>Late June or early July is best because my college doesnt get out till
>then...Also ummm well there has to be another reason too...
>4. Track event - yes or no? Yes because it is gonna be fun as hell, no in
>terms of the longevity of the parts on my car...But i still love driving
>hard...so really that one is up in the air...i am up for either one...
>5. If yes, what track? I dunno. I dont know much about the tracks around
>the country
>6. Audi of America involvement, if possible? Yes or No.
>7. Publicize outside of the q-list? Yes or No? Sure it could be cool to
>have this event get on the news and heard by alot of people...that could
>benefit Audi too.  Although if the cars start breaking down during the
>trip then it wont look good..hehehe
>8. Can't go all the way; would meet a "convoy" along the way at a stopover
>- Yes or No? Yes that is better to travel in numbers...

Mike 85
Coupé GT