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Fwd: Cupholders

>I simply cannot imagine driving with open liquids in the car.  
>You probably don't smoke either.  

I know us Yanks are a bit different from the rest of the world with our 
driving habits and interstate system offering five choices of food 
establishments, (add firework vendors for us southerners) at every 
exit, so this cupholder thing may have many of our friends across the 
pond a bit bewildered.  But surely car phones are being used all  
around the world?!  It wasn't too long ago (early 80's?) most of us 
Yanks would laugh at the idea of talking on the phone while driving.  
However, it seems that all the manufactures are happy to find an 
effecient place and design for phones.  Plus make profits by charging 
major $$ as an accessory!  

89 200tqw