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Re: Audi commercials

> At 05:45 PM 11/15/96 -0600, you wrote:
> Why would they do that? I thought that Manual was standard on the A4's and
> the auto was an option??

MARKETING.  They have always had the manuals first then the automatics later
in the past.  They got a lot of whining so now, we get the automatics first.
They haven't even got the MPG figures done for the manuals yet.

Of course, they have picked the wrong car for this...  typical marketing
myopia has missed the fact that the 1.8T is a sportier car than the V6
and the kind of driver it will appeal to will want the manual transmission.

Yet another marketing  'triumph'.  Like the fluid which 'evapourated'
from the differentials on the automatic 5ks.  After all, marketing said,
'where could it go?  So we don't need to check it', resulting in
a recall because all the Audi dealers had carefully not checked it.

Remember, service intervals have as much to do with marketing as
engineering.  So, I seem to have drifted off the subject somewhat ;).