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F/S Parts QTC&5KT

I am cleaning out the garage before my new progect need to 
make room.So must sell parts for space.
All parts used but in great shape less than 50K miles on them.
guarenteed  working

83 QTC: Frt. Brake Cals./Hydro Boost/Accum. Regulater/master cyl.
rear brake pro. valve/rear disc Turned/org. strut springs/intercooler
steering wheel/solid lifter cam./eng.ECU computer (needs press switch)
air reg. valve.
85 5KT: intake man./throttle bodie/waste gate(dual Diag.)/intercooler
fuel ing. lines set/intercooler end caps/eng.ECUs mac 07 & mac 07A
make offers  Rick  972 641-4778 after 7:30 central