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1982 5000 Coupe - CHEAP!!!!

Just got back from my favorite junkyard - aaah auto parts recycler - and as
I'm walking out, hidden behind a tree sits a 1982 Audi 5000 Coupe as follows:

5 cyl (not turbo), standard shift, 2 wheel drive, sunroof, factory mags,
ratty cloth interior, decent body with very little rust, all glass good,
parts yard owner says he believes it runs (he's reasonably reliable, but I'd
start it to be sure), has title, odometer shows 76,000 miles (yeah, right),
car is red, somewhat grubby and neglected, but appears to be 97% complete,
bottom of dash partially apart, has aftermarket air conditioner, has factory
rubber spoiler on rear deck. Car is as yet un-scavenged!!!!

Does $750 sound good for this car? Now - I don't want it - too many cars
now, so I figured I'd pass it along before he parts it out (to whom?) -
E-mail me if you're interested!

He also has 3 or 4 4000 mag wheels (and most of a 4000), 7 mag wheels from
mid-80's 5KS turbo models, 4 mags from earlier (many narrow spokes type)
5000, three 84-89 5000s and three earlier 5000s in various stages of
pillagement (most of the good stuff is gone), and most important, the guy
has a decent attitude, low prices and (for some unknown reason) seems to
like me, so I think we can deal with him!

Whaddaya need?

Mike Arman