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V8 Spark Plugs

I use the NGK plugs (BU6ESFZ) and they are terrific.
There ws a Audi Service Bulletin making these plugs the offical one for 
3.6 and 4.2L V8's. They are the ones the dealers are now installing.
I called NGK and they said they do not stock them here in the US
and that they must be purchased for the time being through Audi
I have also seen on my V8 Microfiche that they have been superceded
by another new NGK number for the A8.

Jim at Blaufernugen said N/A through him and said the 3 Tip Bosch
plugs for the 20V Turbos work??
Any opinions?

I have ordered the parts for my 140K Service.
Belts, rollers, dampeners, Water pump (still has the orginal)
etc. Ouch!@
But the car runs so good. I love my V8. Would I buy another?
UBETCHA, but a 4.2!

Paul Rivera
90 V8 
and a lot of other high mileage cars.