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Well, it finally happened. The ol' "Audi Depository" is back online! 
There are a few caveats though....
1) Im going through an ISP so Im waiting for them to figure out how to 
password protect directories (for the help desk, remember?) Serious, they 
dont know how!
2) Its EXACTLY how it was when it went offline a bunch o' months ago, so 
it REALLY needs updating. Ill get to it, but there is a small prob...my 
computer died. Badly. So I cant do ANYTHING new to it until I save my $$ 
for a new motherboard. Im not sure which is worse, having the computer 
dead or the quattro dead.  Dan??? :)
3) Im getting rid of a couple of the links...the UrQ project, and the 
SR71 page...Ill be replacing them with something new.  (see #2 above)

So go through it, and find some of the bugs for me! :) And the best 
part?? The URL:


Some kumquat in the UK took quattro.com 

Gimme feedback!
Thanks all

               Drive Safe, Drive Fast, Drive a Quattro