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Chewy4000@aol.com wrote:
> So many "AUDI" guys and I have not seen one word on RALLY.
> Anybody going this next weekend to the Canadian RALLY?
> If you want to see what AUDI was really invented for, experiance a RALLY.
> 87 4000s    RIP
> 87 5000sq  RIP
> 89 200TQ
> CHEWY= = = = = = = = = = = = =

 I love rallies!!!!
 The thing is I have to work most of the time when the are happening 
close enough for me to drive. A goog friend rallies quite abit with a 
talon\eclipse. I try to go to wellsboro if I can talk the boss in to 
it. Not much luck with the boss though.:{ Retail and weekends make marty 
a sad boy. Oh well I still have the vidies of the old stuff before the 
good ol boys decided that truck und tractor pulls were more fun {yea 
right} to watch on the tv.    Billie git a load of that!! hihit. 

 Marty S.