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1997 side impact standards=BS!

well the 1997 model year is upon us, and that means we will hopefully stop
hearing car ads boast "with 1997 side impact standards".  This has been
advertised by the american companies mostly, bragging as if they are so far
ahead of the competition due to this.  I can remember my 1985 Coupe having a
large steel tube in the door, long before this talk of requirements. and now
GM is using this same type of tactic for DRLs, that boast a full model line
of cars that have them, and I hope Audi doesn't adopt this. so far not many
companies have because I don't think they are convinced either.

I have totaled 2 Audi Coupes (84 & 85) due to high speed offenders and walked
away from both accidents crying for my lost love, the cars are truely the
safest in my opinion which is backed by sereral real world crashes......
thanks Firdinand!

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