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RE: A4 Cupholders

They work perfectly for everything I've tried them for.  Of course, this may
not be what -you- try them for.  They do fit well...
  Starbucks Talls
  Seattle's Best Coffee Talls
  a little loose on short (or doppio) Starbucks
  12-oz soda cans perfectly.

What else would you want to put in them?

>Any feedback from A4 owners on the pop-up "cup holders"?  Are they as
>useless as they look?  Seems a shame to spend $30K for a car and spill
>coffee all over the interior.   It looks like they're maybe passable for
>12-oz cans, but nothing else.
>Have any of you  found a way to add something better, or modify them?
>Do the other new Audi's have the same type?   As somebody wrote earlier,
>Europe doesn't yet seem to be in sync with the concept of Slurpee's
>while you drive.