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97 A4Q 2.8- First Impressions

Congratulations.  I now have had mine for four weeks and 2000 miles.
(Average speed, according to the trip computer: 40mph.  Tells you something
about MY driving style, huh?)

>The engine could definitely use a few extra hp, especially in the lower rpm
>range. I'm thinking of getting the throttle body modification. Is it wise to
>do this after the break-in period? Also, at higher RPMs when I shift, the
>RPM needle seem to linger at the top for a second or two before falling,
>making quick shifts difficult and rough under hard acceleration. Will this
>change after the break-in for any reason?

Two things will help - the break-in loosens the engine up a LOT, and you'll
learn the sweet spots on the power curve.  I do drive hard, and this pup has
enough power.  

>I don't like the long travel distance of the accelerator. I'm sure I'll get
>used to it though.

The clutch annoys me, not the accelerator.  That's a looong reach, once I've
adjusted everything else so that my knee is not knocking the remote against
the steering column.

>I had a CD Changer installed. The dealer put the unit right in the middle of
>the trunk opening, not to the side. Is this standard? I'm afraid that it's
>going to get whacked when I'm loading something bulky into the trunk. By the
>way, the non-Bose stereo sounds pretty good, especially at higher volumes.

My CD-Changer is off to the left side.