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Re: 2wd Audi's

Phil Payne wrote:

>Audi's competitive advantage (and the reason we all drive them) is in 
>the transmission and suspension - not the engine.  F1 would not exploit 
>their strengths - rallying is too fragmented, exposed to the vagarities 
>of luck, and does not have a high enough consumer profile.

>Audi will be there in 1998, and they will be competitive.  They have 
>organised their participation along lines that far exceed the 
>efficiency of the military.

Which type of car do you think Audi will be running in 98? 2wd or 4wd!
The 98 BTCC rules do not allow 4wd to compete? True?

If this is the case, then Audi will have to field a 2wd car in order to 
continue. With the "Quattro" image being Audi's forte' and main sales
platform, I dont see Audi fielding a 2wd car for very long! One season
maybe but not longer!

Now privateers will probably continue on with the 2wd cars, but a 
factory team effort would be unlikely, past 98! 

To you and me its entertainment! To the Audi CEO's its money! Alot of 
money! They have to keep share holders happy too! 

"Sales will reflect the racing effort"