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Just thought I'd put in my two cents about guages.

First, if you have modified your car, you really should have some basic 
guages in your car.  You can never be too careful.  If you are planning 
on modifying your car, I would install the guages first.  Note: I have 
yet to modify my 5KCSTQ yet, need to get pressure accumulator fixed first.
Two guages I think you should have on your car.  O2 sensor and boost.  
Unless you want to spend mega bucks, the best O2 guage is the Cyberdyne 
unit.  It is a bargraph display that varies from rich to lean.  I takes it's 
measurements off of the O2 sensor.  In open loop, it bounces back and 
forth between rich and lean.  In closed loop, it should go rich and stay 
there.  O2 sensors are not the most accurate at either end of there 
range, but it will give you a good idea as to how rich or lean your 
engine is running.  Keep at least one red light lit up and you should be 
fine.  Also allows you to understand and monitor how your O2 works.
Boost guages:  I have a VDO 0-30 psi in my talon, very nice.  Most boost 
guages on market are based off of atmospheric pressure, not absolute.  
No big deal since you do not have to be 100% accurate here, as long as it 
stays within a +/- one psi, you should be fine, otherwise be careful. 
Vacuum is not very important, if you need a general idea as to what you 
vacuum is, look at the bar guage on the dash.
I bought both of mine from Summit racing (http://www.summitracing.com).  
Mainly a V-8 place, but they have alot of accesories.  Not a toll free 
number, but they pay UPS shipping.  Cyberdyne O2 guage $30.69, 
CYB-7009.  VDO boost guages $27.99.  0-30psi, VDO-150103.  0-30in/Hg to 
0-25 psi, VDO-150121.  I haven't heard about this guage before, when you 
call, check to make sure it is not the 0-15 psi guage.  BTW, both are 2 
1/4" in diameter and easy to install.  I don't know where I would mount 

Disclaimer:  If you buy these guages and your car blows up, don't blaim 
me, you should have seen it coming!!! :)