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Re: hp/liter comparison (short) (:

>	I dont mean to bash the American cars but the numbers speak
>volumes.  How many foreign cars still use pushrods?  I sell a product
>which is made in America and is good not because it is made here but

Remember "planned obsolecense?" (: I guess this is just what American
consumer wants -- quantity over quality. Remember Beta vs. VHS? Beta
offered quality picture+sound, whereas VHS offered humungo recording time 
in that big cassette. Japanese electronics manufacturers put it the best
-- American consumers are simply ignorant of technological advancement.
And they are simply not motivated in advancement of technology. Simply,
Americans view things in "if it ain't broken', don't fix it."

>From how I see it, the single biggest cause of 'Mericans not giving any
damn about good cars is the gasoline price. If the gasoline price is
jacked high  up, I bet these airheads will also demand better engine
(okay, they'll go apesh!t over the price first (: ...). If there's no
problem, then there won't be a demand (for the solution).

For that, I'm never impressed with domestic "performance" car like most
'Mericans. Look at Viper. Most people here will oogle over it. To me, it's
a big embarrassment -- what kinda stupid dinosaur is that anyway? Do you
really need 8.0 LITRE V10 to produce 450bhp?? What an utterly sorry junk!
I could understand why no other manufacturers dare to make that sort of
car -- it becomes a statement of excess stupidity. It may also mean that
Chrysler simply does not have new engineers. I'll give credit to their
cosmetic designers -- but I'll bet most of their engineers are into their
70s, 80s, and 90s -- the only thing they know how to design are those push
rod engines...

And ALL Buicks are push-rods. And they are selling WELL.

The last 'Merican car my family owned was the '84 Olds Cutlass Brougham in
the mid'80s. By goodness! Here was something that had the feature before
those German manufacturers put it into their cars -- speed limiter. That
car CANNOT do over 60mph if its life depended on it (yes, *I* found that
out. Since no one in my family was not crazy enough about the land speed
record...). And it seems to break something every two weeks. When we sold
the car in the late '80s, the speed limiter had decreased to 55mph. No
doubt to restrain me from attempting to drive over the speed limit...

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