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The Numbers Game (assorted Audi info)

Hi all,

My posting about Hella lights last week got me swamped with responses. It
seems that a lot of people need this info. I'm currently working with Gary
Steinbrueck on a way to get this info on the 'web somehow, perhaps even
with pictures.
Seeing that there are a lot of missing cars, perhaps there's a way to
complete this info. The V8 is a case in point: no info on headlights for
this car. Has Audi bypassed Hella and cooperated with Bosch for some
models? The V8 taillights are Hella items. My 80 has Bosch headlights, but
Hella has units for this car too. Hmmmm......

I've been harrassing my dealer for info on a couple of subjects, and last
Friday this got me a nice Kamei brochure with Audi/VW parts. Apart from the
roof boxes, rear spoilers with brake lights, front spoilers and grill
spoilers, there are some nice sport grills for Audis in there. It's a very
subtle modification for your car: just replace the horizontal plastic slats
with a wire mesh grille like that on the S- and RS-cars. These are
available for the A4, A6, 80 (B3 and B4) and 100 (C4). It's easy to put the
regular Audi rings logo back on the new grill (or run without them) and the
grill has a small cool Kamei badge in one corner, looking like the Audi
Sport-badge from a distance. The grills are made from galvanized steel
mesh, powder coated black.
Mail me for part #s, don't know about prices but your Kamei supplier should
know more.

I've seen to my surprise that the A4 30v 2.8 V6 is available in Germany
already. Hadn't noticed it in the price lists here, but some people asked
about it so I thought I'd mention it. No further info available yet, just
saw it in the price list in some magazine.

This month's Mot magazine (very respected German publication) has a feature
on the STW A4. They've 'taken apart' one of these cars and photographed the
parts as if it were a Airfix kit. Three double pages with some explanation.
Unfortunately very hard to scan, as the parts have been photographed
against a dark blue background. I'd love to have this in poster form!


1988 80 1.8S (getting too cold here to wash my car now)

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