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Re: 97 A4Q 2.8- First Impressions

congrats on the new car.

> The engine could definitely use a few extra hp, especially in the lower rpm
> range. I'm thinking of getting the throttle body modification. Is it wise to
> do this after the break-in period? Also, at higher RPMs when I shift, the
> RPM needle seem to linger at the top for a second or two before falling,

nope, that's the way it is. it taks some getting used to. you could lighten
the flywheel i suppose. :-)

> I think I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a Valentine 1 radar/laser
> detector. Where is the best place to mount this, on the dash in front of the
> steering wheel or clipped to the sun visor?

definitelu up higher. the "pad" on the headlines, just behind the sunroof control,
seems to be a good place, but visually, it's a bit off.
> I had a CD Changer installed. The dealer put the unit right in the middle of
> the trunk opening, not to the side. Is this standard? I'm afraid that it's

mine's left of center and it's usually out of the way. nothing a screwdriver can't fix.

> Did any of you veteran A4 owners change your oil before the 7500 mile mark? 

my dealer performed the first service at about 3500 miles, which was the 6-month
mark. i had it in for the steering column wire recall, and they serviced it
unbeknownst to me, until i picked it up.