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problems reading computer codes on 1990 200QW. Ideas?

Has anybody out there successfully read the error codes on their 200Q?
I have tried, but my home-made (following the instructions in the Bently)
LED tester does not even light up to start with  (when the book says it 
MUST light), never mind flash when the the other wires are connected.

Part of the problem is the the picture of the three diagnostic connectors
in the book is BACKWARDS from the way they are installed in my car.
In mine, the black connector with the double chamfer is on the
left, and the brown one is on the right.

Can someone who has managed to get the codes to flash tell me which
two connector ports the LED tester goes to, and which two ports are
connected (and dis-connected) to get the code to flash? It would be helpful
if I knew the color code of the wire going TO the connector port, so I
was sure I was connecting to the right place.


Dave Michael
1990 200QW
1987 Alfa Milano 3.0
1982 Yamaha Vision
1973 Volvo 1800 ES