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Re: Drain plug won't budge

On Nov 17, 10:42pm, Peter Henriksen wrote:
> Subject: RE: Drain plug won't budge
> So can I get it cheaper by asking for a Porsche part at the (shared)
> parts counter? :-)
> - peter
> >
> >BTW:  This plug is BIG.  The threaded section is approx 1 inch diameter.  Do
> >not
> >be fooled by a skinny little bolt head.  It's also a Porsche part.  My
> >replacement plug came in a little plastic bag with the P*** word all over
> >
> >Joe Yakubik

	Pound for pound, it's a pretty good deal as it stands -- the local
	dealer charged me $6.80 or so for it ! And yes, I had to go to
	the Porsche parts counter, because the Audi folks had run out.

	My plug was mangled by some quick oil-change gorilla as well (not
	that you're one, Joe :-)), but I think the problem is that the head
	is too small for the area of the mating surface.  Now that I've
	had it replaced, I hope I'll be able to get it off myself next
	time ...


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