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In message <199611181951.OAA05381@hammurabi.nh.ultra.net> human writes:

>> I like the feel best with a full size  spare wheel, a large (and heavy)
>> tool chest and a full tank of petrol aboard.-- Phil Payne

> What about the liter of pentosin, bookshelf of manuals, fiche reader.

No, no Pentosin.  A gallon of water, a gallon of petrol, and a quart of
Mobil 1.

Plus all of the microfiche relevant to the ur-quattro, and a VAG 1457
reader courtesy of the USAF clearance sale at RAF Molesworth ($5 for a
$1800 viewer).

And the wiring schematics.  Overalls.  Hand cleanser.  Jumper cables.
Working light.  Spare 170/100 watt headlight bulbs.

Guess who was the most popular guy at the joint meeting of the UK quattro
Owners Club and the International Sport quattro Owners Club this year?

The Sport Club got it _right_ - touring Europe and the UK with 13 Sports,
they brought their own flatbed!

(More details in the glorious technicolor annual round-up of club
 club activities to be published in January.  "What's that ticking
 noise that my radiator fan is making?"  "Oh, that's nothing - it's
 just fouling one of your brake lines!")

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club