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TAP homepage / Audi 1.8t tuning options

I don't know if this has been posted before or not but a lot of people have
been asking me about the TAP mods for the Audi 1.8t.   Here is the list of
1.8t mods 
taken from http://www.tap1.com/  Tap's new homepage.  I don't work for TAP,
just posting info. Looks like we finally have an online tuning source.  

Again check out http://www.tap1.com/ for more info, other audi info etc...

----snippet from home page ----
ALL NEW! A4 1.8 Turbo Upgrades! Now Available!190 HP modified ECU
200 HP Plus Cone Filter
215 HP Plus 70mm Exhaust
220 HP Plus High Flow Cat
240 HP Plus Sport Turbo
255 HP Plus Sport Header
270 HP Plus Intercooler
286 HP Plus Sport Actuator
300 HP Plus Larger Turbo
330 HP Plus Cams / Head
350 HP Plus Even Larger Turbo & Modified Wastegate, Modified Intake
420 HP 2.0 liter Engine, 6 Speed

A4 DTM Bodykits
A4 330mm Brake Kit
A4 Scorpion Exhaust DTM
A4 Sport Suspension
A4 Carbon Fiber Trim
A4 Coil Over Suspension

----------------- end of snippet -----------

I figure it's time to get a hold of TAP and get some details, like what's
a sport turbo, cone filter?  

Ricardo David
'87 5ks 5-speed
'88 BMW K75s