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Re: Oil Plugs (Spark Plugs, Too!)

[from Jeff W.]

I always screw in the drain plug with the replacement cost of the aluminum
pan in mind.

Rather not tighten enough and have a minor drippy leak than cross thread or
munge the pan and bolt.
Drain bolt is checked for tightness after short drive.

Having fresh plug gasket helps as one can feel the plug distort the gasket
slightly to seal properly.

Hoping never to have to deal with oil quick-lube place ever.

>Solution to pan plug problem? Don't forget that torque values on Audi's
>are always "dry".  Who cleans off pan plugs/threads in pan totally with
>degreaser?  Is this even possible?  Result is over-torqued fastener with
>correct spec.  Most people don't use a torque wrench on pan plugs, just
>snug them up "good & tight" (way over torque needed to hold properly)  I
>suspect that cold/cold rule applies in reverse with oil pans; if you
>always drain oil hot, you should get oil out and plug back in before pan
>cools off.
>Of course i gots no probblem wit my steel-panned 80q!
>'88 80q

Ernest Wong
at esw5@cornell.edu