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'85 Ur-Q 20V for sale

 Hello Q-people,

               Just wondering how many people form Colorado have seen 
Scott Davis's disgustingly fast and modified '85 TQC for sale in the 
Rocky Mtn. News lately. For those unaware of this particular car, all 
I can say is that $23,000 for this beast is a relatively good deal. 
I've seen it run at Second Creek, Stapleton and Steamboat and it is 
MOST impressive. 20 Valve,  350-400 horsepower,  everything and I 
mean everything has been modified with many sport Quattro racing 
components. Red with black leather and definitely one of a kind. I 
just can't believe he's selling it!!  Anyone else out there that has 
seen this thing run can vouch for my amazement as well. Dan? Ben? 
                        Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know as 
I can now put the box of kleenex away cuz no sense cryin over somthin 
I can't buy!