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Foggy windows -- wagons

I second the motion that water/excess moisture in the car can fog the windows.
The wagons/avants can exacerbate this problem by collection of water in the two
rear storage wells.

There are fresh air vents in the two wells.  If you use a high pressure (or even
medium) hose to wash the car or drive in very wet conditions water will ingress
through these vents.  Any rags/gloves/etc will hold the moisture.  I
re-discovered this problem when winter-izing my car.  "Hmm, where did this wet
towel come from?"

BTW:  The right rear plastic panel on the 200 series wagons is the perfect place
for the standard, square european first aid kit -- required by law in Germany.
It mounts on the little plastic legs.

Joe Yakubik