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Re: 88'5KCSTQ Ticking - lifter or exhaust manifold?

At 10:39 AM 11/19/96 GMT, Heneghan,Paul wrote:
>From: StevenM659@aol.com
>>My 885KCSTQ (I02,000 mi.s) has a ticking sound. . . 
>Please let me know what you find out.  My 84 80q has been making some 
> kind of ticking noise under hard acceleration when cold for a year 
> now.  I can't afford to have any expensive head wotk done on it, so I 
> am ignoring it for the moment.
>1984 Audi 80 quattro
>1983 Audi 100 Avant

I had the same problem on an '87 4000CSQ. It was collapsed lifters. Didn't
affect performance and I was told not a big deal to drive on, but not right.
It happened more than once as well. The final time at (105,000 miles) the
regional Audi rep signed off on all the repairs - and it never did it again.
I wish I knew why!

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