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UrQ Ap brakes?!

In message <01BBD605.D6DCDD80@dialup44.netmania.co.uk> Philip Ross writes:

> Ian Duff asked Phil Payne:
> > Phil, the BRM ad neglects to mention price. Do you have any idea what
> > they charge?
> I got a price from BRM for those brakes of around ?1200 excluding new 
> wheels and tyres.  I was tempted to consider them by an article in a UK 
> magazine which showed that they reduced the braking distance on a Golf VR6 
> from 180ft to 120ft at 60mph.  In the end I decided to spend ?400 on a set 
> of twin pot calipers, black diamond discs and Formula pads from Dialynx. 
>  So far I haven't regretted it and the new set up is a vast improvement 
> over my old single pots.

Did you do anything at the back end?  Your newsletter article didn't actually 
say what sort of ur-quattro you finally bought after your long search - the WR 
and MB both have non-ventilated rear disks and the MB has a superior ABS system 
to the WR, plus wider (8" vs 7") tyres as standard.  Have you fitted the 20v's 
ventilated rears, or is it already a 20v?
Our US friends won't have to pay VAT, of course, so GBP1200 works out at 
around $1550.  Plus, as you say, the wheels and tyres.  

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club