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Slipping trans or engine problem?

I'm having a problem with my 84 5ksT. When it's cold, I get power up to about
3-4,000 rpm and about 1.4 bar, but it feels like it's got no power. Even when
it's warm, after a restart, the first 5 minutes feel the same way. To top it
off, yesterday I experienced another (possibly related) problem. I was just
doing regular driving and in every gear (an auto) it would feel powerless at
the top of each gear almost like the trans was slipping, but not quite. It'd be
fine up to about 4,000 rpm then nothing. It would then shift very hard. I had
the same problem with my 84 s. If I hit the gas,it'll be fine up to that, then
the engine, just would not climb anymore after that. Boost goes up to probably
1.4, then it goes down to .-something (read that:point something). What the
hell could it be? I hope it's not my trans slipping. It doesn't really feel
like it........Help?Theproblem is intermittent.

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