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Switching my Bose Radio

I thought I would post more information on my Bose radio from my 91 200q. I am
trying to switch it with the ignition, but just can't figure it out. Here are
some specifics:

There are eight terminals on the radio connection for the power/lights/other
stuff. There is a sticker on the back of the radio that has:

I'll assume the connection terminal numbers, the wires are somewhat in
accordance with the Bently (page 591):

8- Vb - (negative battery voltage)
7- Vb + (positive battery voltage)
6- picture of a light bulb (this is where power from the lights goes into, makes
5- picture of a switch with an "A", I assume switched power from alternator
4- nothing
3- picture of a switch with an (+), I also assume this could be switched power
2- ground icon
1- nothing

Exsisitng wires hooked up:

8- brown ground wire, makes sense
7- red unswitched power, makes sense
6- grey/blue wire comes from lighting circuit, makes sense
5- Two white wires, one from the seat belt pinging circuit, the other from the
front antenna amp (that's what the bently shows), these wires have about 9.5 VDC
on them with the ignition on. This is the one that stumps me.
4- Nothing
3- Nothing
2- Nothing
1- two white/blue wires that go to cruise control unit and differential lock
indicator, I would imagine it just uses the terminal to connect these two
together and that they don't have anything to do with the radio.

Writing this, the only way I can now think of switching the radio is taking and
putting a swtiched power on terminal number 3 and then putting a ground on
terminal number 2. Maybe once you put the ground terminal in the circuit, this
will allow it to sense switched power and switch it self off. Any thoughts?

It took me a while to figure out the Bently wiring diagrams, yesterday was the
first day I looked at them. Still don't know where those numbers go off to,
except that you can cross reference what circuit they go to, but can't seem to
find the "circuit path" on those pages. Life is full of learning processes.


Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com