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  Hi Folks,
       I was wondering if anyone
  on the list knows how to get in touch
  with Tim via the "net." His listed address
  in the "Audi Registry" is not working.
  Thanks, and apologies for the bandwidth.

  Year: 1990
  Model: Coupe Quattro
  VIN #: WAUGD08B0LA000326
  Exterior color: Tornado Red
  Interior Color: Black
  Mileage: 115k
  Performance mods: K&N Filter
  Your Name: Tim Reilley
  City/State/ Country: Califon, NJ USA

          Paul Royal
          90 90Q20v
          67 SS/RS 350 Camaro (Ahh, simplicity!)
          90 Suzuki VX800 (V-twin, no waiting)
          88 17, Renken Elite 1700 (120 H/P I/O Merc)

          "How's a beer sound Norm?"
          "I dunno.  I usually finish them before they get a word in."