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Key Chain is here

I just received my Audi key chains from our fellow lister (along with a 
cookie for correctly guessing the HK list).  They are smaller than I 
expected.  Not too big at all.  They are very nice.  I am keeping one for 
myself and giving the other to my mechanic as a Christmas present.


Steven Verona, Vice President
DB-Net, Inc.   614-436-6565 ext 15

90 Porsche 944 S2, M030, Limited Slip (for racin')
86 Audi 4000 quattro (was for racin', now for the street)
91 Toyota MR2 Turbo (for sale)
91 Mercedes 350 SDL (for wife)
94 Fleetwood Coronado Motorhome (for travel)
87 Yamaha FZ700 (for thrills)
81 Kawasaki Drifter 440 (for the snow)
70 Honda Mini Trail (for the pits. Oh yeah, and for the kids)