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Re: The 97 A4Q: My First Impressions

On Nov 19, 12:18pm, Ivan Sever wrote:
> I think the car needs more torque to accelerate from a standstill

Don't forget, it'll loosen up a tad.

> - and the high and short clutch engagement doesn't help.


> the seats that don't have enough side support 

What material do you have?  I've got cloth, and I find that between
the side bolsters and the velcro-effect, I'm stuck pretty well
in turns.

> the interior seems a bit small. I'm 5'11" and my head touches the ceiling
> and my knees are against the dashboard.

Hmmm.  I'm 5'11"+ and longwaisted, and my head doesn't touch at
all, and knees aren't even close.  Have you adjusted the seat?!?
You do know that it goes up and down, don't you?  Not trying to
be facetious, but it sounds like you've got your seat in the
highest position!

> I also think there are too many lights in the center and they don't
> dim enough

Which lights are you referring to?  The dash lights on my A4 can
dim down to almost invisible!  The warning lights and high-beam
indicator don't dim, which is very annoying.  But the general
illumination dims quite low.

The most amazing thing about this car, IMO, is the handling.
It never feels exciting... it feels like it'll go anywhere you
tell it, whenever you want, with no disagreement whatsoever.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q