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Re: A4 option

R.Wiratorn writes:
> Audi dealers have Alpine 6-disc changer as a
> dealer installed
> option for A4, right ?  

This is what they do here in the U.S.  The CD changer unit is made by Alpine,
but it is not the same as any Alpine unit that you can buy in a Car Stereo
store.  Aside from the Audi 4-ring logo on the front, it is made specifically
to interface with the stock Audi "Delta" radio that comes standard on the
current U.S. model Audis.

> Where are they put the changer in ? trunk ?
> glove compartment ?

In the trunk, under the rear shelf, to the left (as seen from the rear).

> and what is the head unit model ? TDA 7558 ?

No, the standard Audi head unit is not an Alpine in the U.S.  As mentioned
above, it's Audi "delta".  I am not sure who actually makes the unit,
I guess it's Blaupunkt, but not certain.

Now, you might have a different situation in Thailand.  You model of
Audi A4 (with the 2.4V6 engine) is not available in the U.S.  We only
have the 2.8V6 and the 1.8T.  I am sure the cars in Thailand will also
be very differently equipped than the U.S. cars, with different options,

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