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$trange Noi$e

I have a strange noise coming from the depths of my 20V that says "$$$$$" 
Heres what it does... when I start up on the cold mornings (about 0C) it 
starts up fine, but i hear a whine that sounds like my alternater did on 
the 4000 when its bearings were going. High pitched shrill noise. The 
problem is, when I push in the clutch it goes away...for good. It doesnt 
come back when I let up on the clutch again.  Once warm its fine and I 
probably wont hear it again untill the next morning, but on occasion, 
during the REAL cold days we had, 9 hours later when I leave work, I will 
hear it again. 

Other info... 66K miles, New Mobil 1 yesterday, everything else seems 
just fine.
Ideas? Thanks all


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