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Re: Ping under full boost

> >> ... turn down the knob?  [before you lose your motor]  I'd like to know how
> >> it is that the "oil presure switch ground is covering over boost" too!
> >Right on!  The guage is notoriously inaccurate so who knows what 1.9
> >really is.
> Good advice on the first count.  But on the second, every kit comes 
> with an analog pressure guage for calibration, so I assume that the
> 1.9 measured is  really 1.9.  It is a 30 psig guage.

Ah, good idea on supplying the analog guage too!

Another thought on pinging at 1.9... the idle mixture should be
checked, NOW.  Since the computer goes open loop at boost or WOT,
if the idle mixture is incorrect, this can actually lean rather
than richen the mixture.

On the 5kTs, I think the recommended duty cycle for the O2 frequency
valve is 40% or 38 degrees (this is for best power).