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Re: Seat Heaters

> Here is what I saw.  If you look under the front of the seat (and ignore 
> all those things that are in various stages of decompoisition) there are 
> two black plastic push pins that penetrate the fabric but don't attach to 
> anything.  The pinty end in the back simply hangs out in space.

On my seats, these push into matching holes in the seat frame...
> Now my problem--look at the back of the seayt and there is a hard plastic 
> or metal shield of some type that the seat cushion tucks in to.  No way 
> to get in there that I can see to peel the seat cushion upholstery away.

It's just tucked into place ... once you undo the pins, fold back the pins,
and untwist the wire, it should all come apart in a straightforward manner.
You will, of course, need to remove the seatback from the base and you will
need to be careful removing the plastic trim pieces covering the hinges but
this really is a very simple job.  I don't think it took me 30 minutes from
start to finish, *including* removing and reinstalling the seats! 

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