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Re: TAP homepage / Audi 1.8t tuning

> I wonder if they use Alcon or AP racing brakes since the super touring A4 
> has the same size brakes and they are Alcon brakes. The brake pads are 
> Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads. It's kind of make you think 
> what size wheels you are going to need for brakes of the diameter 
> (According to Racecar Engineering magazine, the supertouring A4 uses 19"
> OZ racing wheels). 

The Super Touring cars use 355mm rotors not 330mm -- these cost upwards of
$800 a piece, depending upon the source! -- and different calipers as well.
You can fit 330mm rotors under most (but not all) 17" wheels ... it varies
depending upon the offset and shape of the wheel.  Compomotive claims that
my 8x17 MOs will clear 355mm rotors (hence the reason I know the price for
them -- wink, wink) but I'm not sure it's necessary for a street car, even
one that sees occasional track use.  In the end, I decided that 300mm ones
are probably large enough for my 200q ... and checking account!

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