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Re: Qs: CPU chips and aftermarket radios for 90 V8 Q

> I have a 91 200q with the same radio. You'll also have to replace the speakers
> if you start changing things around, from my understanding, the Bose head unit
> output is neither line or low level, somewhere inbetween, so it can reek havoc
> if you put in a new head unit without changing the speakers. That can mean
> buying four new speakers and new amps also....expensive.

In my 93 100S I put in Alpine's 7558 head unit and their cd changer. The
stereo shop rewired the speakers for me so I didn't have to get new
speakers or amps. The total cost of installation was $105.00. . .which is
cheaper than six new speakers and an amp.

Seung Lee
93 100S
Lanham, Md