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Re: batteries

>         If you don't mind spending a little more, I would suggest the Optima ba
> ttery!  They are sold through various mail order sources (maybee direct) and sa
> w an ad for it in EC.  The local high-end car audio shop sells them here.  They
> are a little different than your normal battery and have no fluid in them, just
> coils.  I don't really understand how it works, but I understand that it does.
> It is supposedly stronger, more dependable, and last longer than any other conv
> entional battery.  And they are garunteed for 10 years!  A friend of mine bough
> t one for his 5ktq and it was a little too big for the factory location under t
> he back seat.  The was concerned, but then he figured out that it would fit per
> fectly if he layded it on it's side!  No problems!  He spoke very highly of thi
> s battery.

... I've got one in the urq as well, the only problem I had was that given 
the location of the terminals the (+) and (-) terminals are swapped as com-
pared to the stock battery.  I was able to stretch the cables to fit with 
no problem.  AFAIK Optima makes only 2 versions of the battery, one with 
terminals on top and one with terminals on the side.  I think if I were to 
do it again I'd try to make the sider terminal battery work ... that way 
you don't have to worry about making sure the seat won't short.  

The main feature that I like is that the Optima batteries are truly sealed, 
so there is no vent to worry about.  BTW, the batteries are standard lead-
acid configuration, apparently the technique they use to make the electrodes 
provides sites for the gas molecules to recombine, obviating the need for a 
vent.  They are also rated at 800 CCA ...

... so far so good for me, but I've only had it ~5 months.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)