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RE: URQ build date

I wish to appologize in advance, but this has been driving me crazy. I am a new list member [started end of Oct/96] and am having a problem with some of the abbreviations that list  members are using. Please help me!

1. What is a URQ? Could this be a European Quattro..
2. Was is an "Avant" ...i.e., 100 Avant q
3. Some of you sign w/ HTH and your name? Whatsup w/ this??
4. If my answer to #1 is correct, then what is a USA urq??
5. listers talk about a "bomb"... what might this be?
6. IMO... in my opinion??

Ok... enough of that. How about a real question or two??

1. I was recently in touch with my local local Audi service people concerning the timing belt on my 1990 90... I had been reading all of the insightful material on the list in reference to what happens... $$$$.... when one of these gives way while one is driving. They informed me that that they check the belt for wear during my normal service visists and as long as I have been servicing the car on a regular basis, I had nothing to worry about. For the record, I bring the car to the dealer every 15k miles... I do the 7500 mile service my self, w/ the help of a mechanic who lives down the bottom of the hill. Are they giving good advice??

2. In Oct/94 the Cruise Control gave out. The dealer diagnosed the problem and special order a part.. Conn Ro P/N 893-907-415... and showed me how to install it, which I did. Everything worked out fine. But recently, maybe for the last 6 months, I have noticed that the resume does not work. Everything else works fine. Any suggestions on how I might try to fix the problem.


Peter F. Smith
Ivoryton, CT

SEE... I'm not totally ignorant w/ respect to these abreviations. TIA means THANKS IN ADVANCE... I hope!

From: 	Steve Rosen[SMTP:carsrme@li.net]
Sent: 	Wednesday, October 30, 1996 12:37 AM
To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: 	URQ build date

Checked the build date on the car today. 12/81. I assume that this is one of
the early USA cars.